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  The Coordinated Care Initiative integrates care and services from all types of providers: medical, behavioral health, long-term services and supports, and others.

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About the Coordinated Care Initiative

The state Medi-Cal program and the federal Medicare program have partnered to start a new project to improve care for California’s seniors and people with disabilities who are dually eligible for both of the public health insurance programs, “dual eligible beneficiaries.”  This project, the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI), will take place in seven counties: Los Angeles, Orange,* Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Mateo, and Santa Clara.  The CCI has two parts:

  • Cal MediConnect: All of a beneficiary’s medical, behavioral health,** long-term institutional, and home-and community-based services will be combined into a single health plan.  This will allow your providers to better coordinate your care and make it simpler for you to get the right care at the right time in the right place.
  • Managed Medi-Cal Long-Term Supports and Services (MLTSS): Medi-Cal beneficiaries, including dual eligible beneficiaries who have opted out of Cal MediConnect or who are not eligible for Cal MediConnect, are required to join a Medi-Cal managed care health plan to receive their Medi-Cal benefits, including long-term supports and services (LTSS) and Medicare wrap-around benefits. 

Who are dual eligible beneficiaries?

Dual eligible beneficiaries are people who qualify for both public health insurance programs, Medicare and Medi-Cal. In California, as many as seven in ten dual eligible beneficiaries are age 65 and older, and most are women. Approximately one in three are younger people with disabilities. California has about 1.1 million of these beneficiaries. Of these, about 456,000 are estimated to be eligible for enrollment into the Cal MediConnect program, including a 200,000 enrollment cap in Los Angeles. (Learn more)

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